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Sedation Dentistry

Even in the best of hands the sight, smells and sounds of dentistry can and does keep a significant number of people away from getting the care they deserve. Madison Ave Smiles, leading New York dentists, offers the perfect solution to this common concern – sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry, also referred to as relaxation or anxiety-free, is the ideal antidote to the common fears of dental procedures that so many people have.

Watch as Dr. Malik explains more about Sedation Dentistry

We provide a pleasant dental work experience having on our staff board certified MD anesthesiologist that cater to your needs. Our Board certified MD anesthesiologists have performed thousands of anesthetics in and out of the hospital setting. Hospital safety standards are maintained to ensure patient safety on every case so that you can be assured you are in safe hands during your dental procedures.

We cater to anxious patients, patient’s with phobias, patients with difficult anatomy, patients that request sedation and have coexisting medical issues and patient’s that simply want to be comfortable during their dental work procedure.

Our anesthesiologist use just the right doses for your dental procedure so that you can have your dental work done pain free and anxiety free prior to your work day starts and have a full productive day after the procedure.