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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a very popular and fast growing treatment option for replacing missing teeth.
The technological advances made by the implant industry are nothing short of revolutionary. Patients have more choices today than they ever did in the past.
Tooth loss leads to loss of supporting jaw bone. It is important for the patients to know so that they can make early informed decisions about selecting dental implants for the restoration and rehabilitation of their dentition.

Benefits of Having Dental Implant

  • Preserve Facial Bones
  • Youthful Looks
  • Better Chewing
  • Better Health & Vitality
  • More Self Confidence
  • Decay Proof Teeth

Dental Implants: Single & Multiple

Multiple tooth replacement is a world wide growth sector. Patients are happy to have teeth which mimic nature, function better than dentures and stay stable over a long period of time.

The principles of Dental Implant placement and restoration are similar to those employed for single tooth replacement. Often fewer implants can be placed than the number of teeth being provided to the patient. But this is not a hard and fast rule for Dental Implants. The human jaw bones have different bone density in along their bodies.

The upper jaw has softer bone than the lower. The areas further back in the upper jaw are softer. The lower jaw has harder bone and the front parts are stronger bone than the back. With these general parameters there is individual variance among human beings. If the Dental Implants have great initial stability they can receive teeth earlier.

In some cases teeth can be placed immediately as soon as the Dental Implants are placed. In most instances these are prototype teeth. The final teeth follow later. The cost of these cases are patient specific. We encourage you to contact us and obtain one on one knowledge pertinent to your individual case of dental implants. Every patient is unique.