Dental Implants in New York

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New York is a center of excellence for dental implants. Both Columbia and New York Universities have acclaimed implant dentistry programs. Dental implants are an exciting and ever growing field of service. The last three decades have seen a rising demand for dental implants. New York boasts a robust and affluent population. New Yorkers are the seekers of the finest and latest services. Dental implants offer a lasting and time tested solution to the problem of missing teeth.

Research shows that the quality of our gums and teeth has a great bearing on our general health,and quality of life. Single tooth and multiple tooth loss can most effectively treated with dental implants. Today most dental implant procedures are safe, effective and predictable.
Dental Implants history :

Dental implants are made of titanium. Research pioneered in Sweden by Dr. Per Ingvar Branemark in the 50s led to the discovery that an ordered live bone surface and titanium form a strong integration. He named the phenomenon Osseo ( bone) integration. This discovery has led to a lasting and growing change of the thought process in the dental community. Dental implants in New York have been performed for well over three decades. Today Dental Implants in New York are a safe and predictable modality of treatment for cases which previously were not well served.

Dental implants in New York are one of the top selling dental services. Patients now elect to have there missing teeth replaced by the permanent and effective solution of dental implants. in many instances the dentist can place implants right when a tooth is removed. These are called immediate placement implants.

Nobel Biocare ( a leading American implant company) has pioneered the phenomenon of teeth in a day. These are highly specialized cases which require careful patient selection. These dental implant cases are retro engineered. Which means the process is done backwards very much like computer aided design and manufacture. The patients can now have their implants and teeth at the same time. Your dentist can decide the best whether you are a candidate who stands to benefit from this technology.

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