Changing lives, one smile at a time

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Madison Ave Smiles Dental our forte is the mastery of beautiful smiles harmonious with nature. Our laboratory work is done by master ceramists in New York boutique dental laboratories. Cosmetic dentistry and Porcelain Veneers are made by a team which has done this over and over again. Repetition is the key to mastery.

The Process of Making your New Smile

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    Cosmetic Dentistry is something to look forward to. In your initial consultation we discuss the goals and the case criteria in basic and general terms. Once the patient has decided to make me his/her New Smile we proceed to the next phase.

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    Taking Impressions

    This appointment is generally an hour. The patient has a quick and convenient X-Ray. Moulds of upper and lower teeth are taken. Models from these will later be mounted on a machine to study your bite and to make a design for your future smile.

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    Prototype Approval Appointment:

    This is the active appointment where changes are performed on the teeth and moulds are taken for the fabrication of the new smile. Prototype teeth are made to mimic the final smile. The moulds are sent to the lab after the patients approves of the prototype design by his/her Cosmetic Dentist.

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    Final Smile Insertion Appointment:

    This is when we bond the final dental restorations. The teeth are tried in to assure a perfect match with the Prototypes by an index obtained earlier from the Prototypes. The bite is adjusted and success x rays taken. Photographs are taken again.
    Patients have a range of positive emotions to see the remarkable change in their appearance. This is the occasion to celebrate.